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Implementation Workshop Price: $575.00 Plus GST School Level: Secondary Location: Livepool, NSW Date: Tuesday, 1 April 2014
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Who We Are

Peer Support Australia provides school communities with an evidence based, peer led approach to enhance the mental, social and emotional wellbeing of young people. The Peer Support Program is integrated into curricula and sustained through all year groups and supports positive cultural change across the school.


Peer Support Australia provides:

  • Training and professional development for teachers and parents
  • Student leadership training and resources
  • Peer led, skills based, experiential learning modules focusing on orientation, relationships, optimism, resilience, anti-bullying and values
  • Consultancy to assist Member schools in raising awareness of the program and planning for implementation
  • Benefits of The Program

    • Provides students with a supportive learning environment in which to develop the skills, understandings, attitudes and strategies to improve mental wellbeing
    • Develops key skills in resilience, assertiveness, decision making, problem solving and leadership
    • Empowers young people to support each other and contribute positively to society
  • Structure of The Program

    • Develops leadership skills through a 2 day leadership training program
    • In primary schools trained Peer Leaders work with multi age groups of 8-10 younger students
    • In secondary schools, trained Peer Leaders work with groups of 8-10 younger students from the entry year group